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About Hardin County, Illinois

Hardin County is located in the State of Illinois. This county has a population of about 3,649 people, according to the 2020 census, making it the least populous county in Illinois. Elizabethtown serves as the county seat to Hardin County and is located in the part of the state popularly known as Little Egypt. 
Hardin County is named after Colonel John Hardin, an officer in the American Revolutionary War and the Northwest Indian War. This county borders Gallatin County, Union County, Crittenden County, Livingston County, Pope County, and Saline County.
According to the US Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 182 square miles (470 km), whereby land occupies 178 square miles (460 km) and 4.1 square miles (11km) is water, making it the second-smallest county in Illinois by area.

Hardin County Sheriff's Office

The Hardin County Sheriff's department is a law enforcement agency that promotes public safety in Hardin County through public policing and the management of inmates and county jails. Moreover, the office is in charge of patrolling any unincorporated areas of the county or areas not covered by the municipal police, as well as enforcing legal judgments, including foreclosures, repossessions, and tax delinquencies. Other duties the office performs are delivering civil papers, executing court orders, providing security to the courthouse, and responding to public safety emergencies.

Hardin County Jail, IL

The Hardin County jail is located at Market St, Elizabethtown, IL, 62931, United States. The facility holds a total capacity of 7o6 beds and houses about 605 inmates under the supervision of over 146 staff. In addition, the jail's largest population is men, while a woman occupies 19% of the population. The facility is operated by Hardin County Sheriff, Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice), and Federal U.S Marshal.

Inmate Search

You can do a quick inmate search using the Hardin County jail's website. On this site, you will get all the information about the former or current inmates at the facility. In addition, other details you can search on the website include arrest details, bail details, court dates, and personal details of an inmate. However, for a successful search, you must provide the inmate's full name, ID, and DOB. To get more information about a certain inmate, you can contact the facility at 618-287-2271.

Sending Mails

Inmates at Hardin County jail can send and receive emails from their loved ones. However, all incoming and outgoing mail and packages are inspected for contraband. Before sending a mail to an inmate, you are advised to contact the Hardin County jail's authorities to confirm whether an inmate is still housed in the facility. You should use the following address to send a mail:
Inmate's Name
Hardin County Jail
Market Street, Elizabethtown, IL, 62931

Sending Money

The Hardin County jail permits inmates to have accounts through which they can buy commissaries, including stamps, snacks, candy, and haircuts. You can deposit money to an inmate's account using the following ways:

  • Telephone; you can call the facility to deposit money via 618-287-2271
  • Onsite deposits; you can deposit the money in an inmate's account at the kiosk in the Hardin County jail lobby.
  • You can create an account on the accessed website and deposit money into an inmate's account.

Inmate Visitation and Phone Calls

Inmates at the Hardin County jail are permitted to receive both onsite and online visits from their friends and family. Before visitation, you must contact the facility's authorities to schedule the visit. Moreover, onsite visits are limited to weekdays between 8.30 am-4.30 pm, while online visits happen any day of the week between 8.30 am-8.50 pm.
The call service provider at the Hardin County jail is Securus Technologies. Inmates are supposed to set up a call account with the entity to purchase pre-paid phone services. You can create a call account online for your loved ones to receive their calls. All calls in this facility are outbound. You cannot call an inmate at this facility.

Bail Bonds

You are allowed to post a bond at Hardin County jail, and depending on the allegation, the bail amount could be high. You can post a bail bond through a bondsman, also known as a surety bond, to help an individual arrested and accused of a criminal offense gain temporary freedom while waiting to appear in court. Moreover, the court allows two kinds of bail, a criminal bond and a civil bond. It is important to note that a court does not impose criminal bail bond to penalize you for your alleged criminal offense until proven guilty. If, for instance, you show up for all your scheduled criminal proceedings and the found not guilty, the bail amount is refunded, but if found guilty, the bail will pay fines and penalties that the court will enforce on you.

Inmate Programs

The Hardin County jail provides inmates with numerous programs, activities, and programs that help them gain new skills. The facility's programs include Substance Abuse, organic gardening, culinary arts, barber, firefighter, housekeeper, and Teacher Aide. In addition, some other programs provided by the jail include Offset-Press operator, Landscape Management Technician, and Illinois Correctional industries.


Drawn by the mighty Ohio River and the lush forests along her shore, early Europeans settled in what is now known as Hardin County during the late 1700’s. Today, two hundred years later, the quiet hills and scenic river towns beckon visitors for a different kind of vacation. Little changed from the early years, this corner of Illinois offers a pleasant diversion for travelers seeking the road less traveled. A place where North meets South…. peacefully. Hardin County may truly represent Illinois’ first and final frontier.


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