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Scenic Trip 3
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Scenic Trip 3

Catch the free ferry across the Ohio River at Cave-In-Rock into Amish County. Upon return to Cave-In-Rock visit the Cave, picnic from one of the beautiful scenic bluffs overlooking the Ohio River in the park. Then continue North on Hwy 1 to Hwy 146. Turn left and continue to the Tower Rock turnoff.

Tower Rock is the highest point along the Ohio River on the Illinois shore. Return to Hwy 146 and continue West (left) to the scenic river town of Elizabethtown. After visiting Elizabethtown continue on 146 to 34 turning left to Rosiclare. Rosiclare is also located on the Ohio River and is the site of the American Fluorite Museum. Fluorspar is the Illinois State Mineral. Learn of its history, production and uses. Hardin County was the largest fluorspar-producing area in the United States.



Return to Hwy 146 West traveling to Golconda. Golconda is a charming river town settled in 1798. Thousands of Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw and other tribes marching on The Trail of Tears crossed the river here during the winter of 1838. Visit the historic Buel House which is rich in history of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. The trail entered Illinois at Golconda.



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