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Scenic Trip 1

Begin at Cave-In-Rock on the beautiful Ohio River. Cave-In-Rock is a 55 foot wide cave and that has been a landmark on the Ohio River for 300 years. Infamous stories and legend surround this historic natural wonder. In days gone by, the cave has housed Native Americans, runaway slaves, Civil War soldiers, pirates, outlaws and counterfeiters. Walk down Pirates Bluff into the cave and take in the outstanding view of the river.



After visiting the Cave take Hwy 1 North to Pounds Hollow/ Karbers Ridge blacktop. Turn left at blacktop and go three miles to Rim Rock Recreational trail. Take the .8 mile long trail around the top of the rim, or venture down into the valley using the stone stairs midway around the top. Beautiful rock formations. Take the trail as it continues to the right around the base of the “Rim”, or lengthen your hike to include Pounds Hollow Lake.



Continue West of Pounds Hollow/Karbers Ridge blacktop to Garden of the Gods turn off (7 miles) to the right. Sights include sandstone bluffs that are over 400 feet above the forest floor. See Camel Rock, Devil’s Smokestack and Noah’s Ark because of their unique shape and size. Walkway takes about 45 minutes, but there is a three mile trail loop if you want an extended hike. Spend time exploring the wonderful rock formations and natural phenomenon and you can spend hours in this beautiful place.



When you come out of the Garden of the Gods entrance turn left and go to Lake Glen O Jones. The lake is beautiful and covers 105 acres. Situated at the site of an old salt springs, the springs and wells once were valued for the brine they provided for a local saltworks. A statue honoring Chief Tecumseh was erected in the fall of 2002 and commemorates the heroic Shawnee warrior, inspired orator, battle tactician and prophet of his people. A hiking trail takes off from the statue area.



Upon leaving the Saline County Conservation area which surrounds the lake, turn left at the gate and travel a short distance to the next road left to go to Old Stone Face. Marvel and nature’s handiwork. The likeness is one of the finest, most natural to be found anywhere. Plan on a hike when you visit.



When leaving turn left on Stone Face road until you reach Hwy 34. Turn left and go approx 6 miles to Karbers Ridge blacktop. Turn left and continue to the High Knob turnoff in Karbers Ridge (approx 6 miles). Turn left and follow gravel road to High Knob vista. Picnic and enjoy a panoramic view of the Shawnee Forest from one of the highest knobs in the area.



Return to Karbers Ridge blacktop, turn left. Just past the edge of town turn on blacktop to the right. This blacktop will take you to the historic and scenic rivertown of Elizabethtown. Stop on the way to see the Illinois Iron Furnace. Built in 1837, the facility produced “pig iron” for U.S. Naval yards at Mound City, Illinois. Closed in 1883, the structure was restored in 1967 and now has an interpretive display and picnic next to a running creek with and old fashion swimming hole.





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