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1. Garden of the Gods - Observation trail is mile long. It is made of natural flagstone and leads to areas immediately above the cliffs for outstanding views of the Shawnee Hills and the 3300 acre wilderness called Garden of the Gods. Interesting rock formations, high cliffs, sandstone bluffs and other natural phenomena abound in the area. There is a 3 mile trail around the base of the beautiful rock formations for an extended hike. One could spend endless amounts of time exploring the wonderful rock formations found here.



2. Rim Rock Recreational Trail and Pounds Hollow Lake - Hike around the top of “the rim” is only .8 miles, but continuing down the stairway into the valley leads to more natural wonders you shouldn’t miss. After climbing down the stairs and viewing “Ox Lot” cave take a right at the base of the escarpment and the path winds back up to the parking lot another 1/8 mile, or take the trail to 25 acre Pounds Hollow Lake mile away. A rugged trail goes all the way around the lake. For those who like to boulder and climb rocks a trail goes off to the left just past the informational area near the parking lot. This trail is not used as often so plan on picking your way around the bottom of the tall bluffs of Rim Rock. It would be a good idea to have the map of the area in hand.



3. Bell Smith Springs – 8 miles of interconnected trails and 12 miles of total trails. One can spend a few hours or one or two days hiking this beautiful area. You will see a series of clear, rocky streams and scenic canyons bordered by high sandstone cliffs. Make sure you have a trail map and understand the trail markings.



4. Stone Face Trail – Hike to Stone Face is about mile but strenuous. For a 3 mile hike continue on taking you to Lake Glen O Jones’ Chief Tecumseh statue. 1/2 mile trail to Stone Face is scenic and goes through a rock shelter. When you get to the end of the fence you can view Stone Face by looking over the edge of the cliff. Stone Face is about six feet tall. It overlooks the beautiful Saline Valley. Trail is not marked, but is evident. Terrain is up and down, but well worth the effort.



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