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The following attractions are found in Hardin County and the surrounding area. The numbers correspond with locations on the "Attractions Map". Come spend a day, a week or a month. You will be glad you found this spectacular, interesting and entertaining area. Hardin County Video

Map to small? View a larger version here.

Old Slave House Illinois Iron Furnace
Pounds Hollow Lake & Rim Rock Trail Shawnee Queen River Taxi
High Knob Buel House
Camp Cadiz San Damiano
Ford’s Ferry Golconda and Golconda Marina
Cave-In-Rock State Park Lusk Creek
Cave-In-Rock Free Ferry Burden Falls
Tower Rock Bell Smith Springs
American Fluorite Museum Millstone Bluff
First Baptist Church Lake Glendale
Lake Tucumseh & Whoopie Cat Lake Sand Cave
Rose Hotel Dixon Springs
Garden of the Gods Williams Hill
Glen O Jones Lake Pioneer Village
Old Stone Face Old Shawneetown
One Horse Gap Battery Rock


Shawnee Hills Scenic Byway

River to River Trail

Trans-America Bicycle Trail

American Discovery Trail

Shawnee National Forest



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